Green / Natural Burial.  

   A Green / Natural burial is a personal choice for end of life.

   This type of funeral is ever increasing in its popularity due to environmental issues and rising funeral costs. 

I am able transfer a body to any UK green burial site.

   The green funeral means that the body cannot be embalmed and the coffin must not contain any glues. An embalmed body contains formaldehyde which is a carcinogen that has been proven to pose serious health risks to those regularly exposed to it.

                  So what can I use for a green burial?

   A body can be wrapped in a natural linen / cotton sheet or a natural coffin like wicker or cardboard can be used.

I don't want a religious funeral...

 The choice of funeral be it religious or not is entirely up to you and you are not legally obliged to use a non religious or religious minister and some families choose to conduct the funeral themselves to keep the funeral personal so the use of a minister or celebrant is not required. This type of service is as personal as you want it to be.

The green funeral can be anything you want it to be (within reason).

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