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Our direct cremation service includes:

                                               £1,430  no hidden extras!

                          Our Local Direct Cremation Service includes:

   Crematorium fee, date and time will be chosen by the funeral director and family       informed accordingly. Viewing is also allowed.

  • Conveyance of a loved one into our care. - within a 50 mile radius.
  • Completion of all necessary paperwork.
  • Provision of a basic coffin.
  • Care of  your loved one including visitation in our chapel of rest if desired 
  • Conveyance to the Crematorium.- in our hearse not a van.
  • Collection or Scattering of cremated remains NO EXTRA CHARGE
  • Crematorium Fee ALFORD  £675.00* Applicable from 1st January 2024* 
  • included in the £1,430
  • Crematorium Fee GRIMSBY £630.00* Applicable from 2nd April 2024*
  • Included in the £1,430
  • Doctors Fees – £82.00 If Applicable ( not required if the coroner is involved )



Please Note:

No actual funeral service is held with the direct cremation service at the crematorium but you are very welcome to visit your loved one in our family chapel and hold a service if you desire with no extra charge

A 50% Payment must be made within 24 hours of the arrangement and the remainder paid within 48 Hours of the funeral taking place or the funeral will be postponed until payment is made.